25 Feb

The New Steeper Clinic Site is Here!

The New Steeper Clinic Site is Here!
The new streamlined look is designed to allow for quick and informative access to the services Steeper Clinic offer, across the areas of paediatric and adult orthotics. As treatments develop and innovative products produce results, the website will be regularly updated with resources and FAQ’s to ensure patients have access to the most recent information.

The pages on the innovative STARband™ plagiocephaly treatment on offer at Steeper Clinic have also been redeveloped; to include vital information on symptoms, preliminary treatment such as tummy time, and how a baby is assessed if their parent is concerned with their head shape. Advice on support available and testimonials from parents whose babies have undergone treatment are easily accessible, with the ability for parents to contact our specialists with any questions they may have.
Other enhanced additions include details on bespoke orthopaedic footwear treatments and our on-site manufacturing, along with information on common treatment methods and how the prescription process is carried out.

Finally, the insights and case studies feature will be updated with relevant articles and stories from experts and patients from Steeper Clinic, keeping our browsers up to date with the latest treatments and how our orthotists have helped empower individuals through our services.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new Steeper Clinic website!