At Steeper Clinic we work with children with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from early walkers who need a little extra support, to children with varied and complex conditions.

We can provide a full assessment for your child, and work toward specified goals to suit their lifestyle. Our paediatric experts will prescribe either an off-the-shelf device or need to create a bespoke orthotic device, working closely with our orthotic technicians on-site so it can be adjusted to suit your child's specific requirements. The treatment and rehabilitation process involves working collaboratively with healthcare professionals such as paediatric physiotherapists and orthopaedic consultants, to ensure the best clinical outcome. 

Our treatments range from insoles for improved foot posture and biomechanical function, to more involved devices for children with complex neurological conditions. Orthotic appliances we provide include:

  • Insoles
  • Functional foot orthotics
  • DAFO
  • AFO
  • KAFO
  • Dynamic Lycra Orthoses
  • Orthopaedic supportive footwear
  • Spinal supports
  • Upper limb orthotics
  • Contracture management
  • Serial casting

Our clinicians understand the importance of tailoring orthotic treatment to a child as they grow and develop; to enable them to lead a happy and healthy life unhindered by their orthoses. We know that no matter how similar, every case is individual, which is why we are committed to making sure your child is comfortable every step of the way. 

Children's Orthotic Footwear

Therapeutic footwear designed to support and provide comfort for your little one during playtime and beyond
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Steeper Chest Compressor Brace

Effective non-invasive treatment for pectus carinatum in young adolescents
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For more information on paediatric services and treatments offered at Steeper Clinic, you can contact us by:

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Isaac's Story

"Before his KAFO he was understandably quite negative, but since it has been fitted he has not looked back!"
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Jo-Anne's Story

For Jo-Anne's mother Rachel, finding a solution that works so well for her daughter has been a welcome relief
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Alfie's Story

No longer limited by leg pain, Alfie's now living life to the full, being able to run for longer and feel more confident with his friends
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