Bespoke Manufacturing

Creating custom devices for orthotic applications demands specialist skills and tried-and-tested techniques.

Our purpose-built manufacturing facility in Leeds operates as the central hub for all of our orthotics production and distribution, providing a seamless link with Steeper Clinic. Standing at over 5,100m2, the new Steeper headquarters is the largest single dwelling in the history of the company. Our unique facility enables us to rapidly manufacture and control every stage of the production process, with our Steeper Clinic orthotists on hand to assist with bespoke requirements, resulting in orthoses of the highest standard.

We use the latest CAD/CAM technology to manufacture custom orthoses specific to individual needs, as it offers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. However age-old hand skills are still utilised throughout production to preserve traditional processes which have produced quality orthoses for decades.

From specially-designed and balanced shoes and insoles, to hand orthoses and spinal devices, our team has the expertise, knowledge and training to devise and deliver everything a patient needs to reach a positive turning point, as well as giving clinicians essential technical support throughout the rehabilitation process.

Process of creating orthotic footwear

Step 1
All of our adult made-to-measure orthotic footwear is manufactured in our Leeds factory, and our orthotists are able to offer a wide variety of styles and colours to suit individual preferences. The type of shoe and insole is prescribed at Steeper Clinic, before this is passed on to our technicians to create them to the exact specifications.

Step 2
Measurements are then taken of the patient's feet, from which a wooden last is created according to those dimensions. This last is then used to create truly bespoke footwear, with the ultimate fit and comfort for the patient.

Step 3
After the custom-made footwear has been created, and the patient is satisfied, the individual wooden last is stored with the relevant details attached. 

Step 4
By storing lasts created from an individual's measurements, it enables us to create further pairs of bespoke footwear in the future, eliminating the need for continuous appointments.