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What to expect at a plagiocephaly assessment

If after a period of repositioning you do not see any improvements and would like to book a plagiocephaly assessment, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The assessment is free of charge, and will identify the severity levels of your baby's head shape.

During the assessment a SmartSoc™ cranial 'sock' will be placed on your child’s head, then the orthotist will take images at different angles using the highly accurate CurveCapture™ application.  This is a handheld device which means your child can sit comfortably on your lap during the scan.

After the photos are taken, the patterns in the images will be extracted by the software and used to create the 3D model of your baby’s head. The orthotist will then highlight to you any areas of concern - if any.  

A visit to our clinic will not automatically result in a decision to have your baby fitted for a helmet. As it is assessed on a case by case basis, our orthotists may decide that no orthotic intervention is needed. STARband™ helmet treatment is only offered in cases where re-positioning has failed.


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If you have noticed any areas of flatness or you are concerned about the condition of your child’s head shape, a plagiocephaly assessment using the SmartSoc™ will objectively measure their head and identify any issue. The SmartSoc™ system uses patented CurveCapture™ technology to convert 2D images into 3D models.