19 Jun

Kate Chauhan wins Orthotist of the Year 2023

Kate Chauhan wins Orthotist of the Year 2023 Kate Chauhan wins Orthotist of the Year 2023 Kate Chauhan wins Orthotist of the Year 2023
Kate's list of achievements is extensive; she has earned certification as a Steeper Clinic AllSTAR Clinician from Orthomerica, and has been commended for her presentations at BAPO conferences and completing her Master of Science in clinical research methods, exemplifying her ability to critically evaluate research and incorporate evidence-based practices into her work.

BAPO, in presenting the award to Kate, emphasised her outstanding contributions to the field, stating, "Kate has excelled, setting an example to others, through being active in research; inspiring others to explore this area of practice, which is essential in demonstrating contemporary, evidence-based, cost-effective prosthetic and orthotic care. Kate has successfully developed her experience, engaging with several studies, including National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) randomised control trials." 

Steeper Clinic takes pride in having a team of highly motivated and inspired individuals who are dedicated to upholding the organisation's core values and mission. Kate Chauhan perfectly embodies these values of care, integrity, and patient focus. The entire team at Steeper is thrilled to share the news of her remarkable achievement and congratulates her wholeheartedly.

Following the award ceremony, Kate expressed her gratitude and honour for receiving this recognition from BAPO and the University of Staffordshire. She highlighted the significance of the award, stating, "It will enable me to raise awareness about the field of orthotics to a wider audience and continue advocating for the importance of orthotic research." Kate acknowledged the support she received from Steeper Group and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, which played a crucial role in nurturing her career aspirations and offering opportunities for further training and development.
She finished by saying, "Thank you to the NIHR for their support through personal research training awards and thank you to all of the many clinicians, researchers, and patients that have contributed their time and supported me on my professional journey."

Looking ahead, Kate remains committed to raising awareness about the essential role of orthotists in transforming people's lives through clinical care and research. She is determined to continue advocating for the field, aiming to inspire and support the next generation of research-active orthotists. 

As the Prosthetics and Orthotics industry in the UK continues to evolve, it is evident that professionals like Kate are at the forefront of driving progress and shaping its future. The demand for prosthetic and orthotic services is on the rise, driven by an ageing population, advances in medical technology, and an increase in things such as sports injuries and chronic diseases.  

In recent years, the UK has seen significant investments in research and development within the field. Organisations like the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) have played a crucial role in encouraging innovation and facilitating ground-breaking studies. The goal being to improve patient care by increasing knowledge of biomechanics and optimising treatment results.

With passionate and accomplished professionals like Kate leading the way, we continue to see great talent and care being brought to the field and given to patients. Congratulations Kate on all your hard work, research, and excellent care!