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STARband™ Treatment Cost

After using the SmartSoc™ scanner to provide highly precise and objective measurements of your baby’s head shape, possible treatment will be proposed. If STARband™ treatment is recommended, the cost is £2300, which covers:
  • The STARband helmet
  • The fitting of the helmet
  • Appointments and regular reviews
  • Alterations to the STARband as your child grows
  • Advice and support from our paediatric orthotists
  • Reports to your GP/paediatrician to document the progress of your baby’s treatment
  • Our new One Helmet Guarantee*
Please note that helmet treatment is not offered to every baby seen at Steeper Clinic as orthotic intervention is not needed in all cases.
We are also able to monitor the shape of your baby's head whilst using repositioning techniques for no charge.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Read them here.
Flexible payment option
Payment options include a £1000 deposit, and the ability to spread the remaining cost over 4 payments interest free via direct debit.



We understand that it may be an inconvenient time to consider such treatment for your family. However we have compiled a list of online resources that are able to offer support and advice on funding options. If you require a report to be sent to any of these charities, please let us know at your assessment. 

Recommended charities include:
Means tested support, including fundraising support for a specific child. Application available to download from their website.
Crowdfunding charity providing means tested support. Fund treatment for specialist care that is not available on the NHS.
Operated by local charity groups, who raise money for the needs of children in the community.
Provide grants for families who are unable to afford certain treatments due to financial circumstances.
Provide practical and emotional support for families with disabled children.

Able to provide financial support for treatment and equipment.


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