Expert Witness & Legal

We can provide legal professionals and organisations with Expert Witness Legal Reports in all aspects of orthotics.

Our nationwide network of experts are state-registered clinicians, highly regarded in their field and are fully trained by Bond Solon in report writing excellence. These reports include:
  • Full and detailed orthotic expert reports for court purposes
  • Desktop reports
  • Case screening reports
  • Joint statement reports
New instructions are taken for claimant, defendant and joint reports. All reports intended for the Courts comply with the Civil Procedures Rule, Part 35 and are written by experienced, State Registered professionals, who have undergone expert witness training. Whilst always responding to instructions, reports will typically include:
  • Examination findings
  • Independent expert opinion on prescription of orthoses
  • Breakdown of costs to support calculations on quantum
  • Images and explanations to assist in understanding of terminology
We will also provide a second opinion on previously commissioned reports within our field of expertise.

Rehabilitation Reports

Working alongside case managers, these reports are not intended for use by the courts but identify and cost the client’s needs in the short term and are used to quickly establish a rehabilitation programme.
We can prepare a fully detailed expert witness report 2 to 3 weeks after meeting with the client. We are happy to see clients wherever they are located in the United Kingdom.

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