At Steeper Clinic our specialists are here to offer support and treatment for your child, empowering them to live a happy and healthy childhood. 

Our services span across a wide range of paediatric orthotic services, including cerebral palsy, hypermobility, juvenile arthritis, toe walkers, musculoskeletal conditions, developmental conditions, pectus carinatum and plagiocephaly/brachycephaly.

Our mission is to provide a service which ensures that the entire family feel comfortable and encouraged throughout, and are involved in the bespoke treatments we can offer.

If you're worried about your child's mobility or development, please do not hesitate to contact us today and discuss what may be available.

Steeper Clinic

Our Paediatric Services

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Paediatric Orthotics
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Pectus Carinatum
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The revolutionary STARband™ treatment for plagiocephaly is available at Steeper Clinic, capable of adjusting a baby's head shape within a matter of months. This innovative treatment is carried out by our plagiocephaly specialists, who have helped dozens of families with the SmartSoc™ scanning technology.

Isaac's Story

"Before his KAFO he was understandably quite negative, but since it has been fitted he has not looked back!"
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Gemma's Story

"I am very happy that with Kate at Steeper Clinic's help, my treatment is complete and I am more confident in my own body than I have ever been"
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Jo-Anne's Story

For Jo-Anne's mother Rachel, finding an insoles solution that works so well for her daughter has been a welcome relief
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