Steeper Clinic are here to provide you with specialist advice and treatment of plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis, helping your child regain a normal head shape.

At Steeper Clinic, we offer an expert and friendly assessment of your baby’s head shape. We are trained to ensure the process is comfortable and stress-free for you and your child, to ensure the best possible results during treatment.
We use the latest SmartSoc™ scanning technology, exclusively available to our clinics in the UK. This is a highly precise, quick, and safe photographic system, with no lasers or bright flashing lights. The system is specially designed to precisely measure the severity level of plagiocephaly in babies.

Our expert orthotists will then determine the correct line of treatment for your child, whether that be re-positioning techniques or the revolutionary STARband™ helmet for more severe cases. 
If you are concerned about your child's head shape, contact us today for advice on what to do next and to organise a free assessment.

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Re-positioning, also known as tummy time, is always the first line of treatment, however if this has not proven to be effective we offer the world leading STARband™ helmet to help guide growth and restore normal head shape in babies.

Tummy Time STARband Helmets