Semi-Bespoke Footwear

With our innovative Tred-lite Modular Footwear Collection, we are able to offer a range of customised footwear by modifying our standard Tred-lite lasts to suit individual foot shape and size requirements. 

The Tred-lite range offers a variety of fashionable styles to provide comfort and light-weight footwear for men and women. Our specialist technicians are able to adapt the range to suit orthotic specifications, including bespoke insoles and diabetic requirements.

With a choice of style options including a range of colours and material, to sole and strap options, the versatility of Tred-lite designs enables patients to design an orthotic shoe bespoke to their taste.

Contact us today to organise a custom footwear consultation with one of our specialists.

Features & Benefits
  • The Tred-lite footwear range is available in calf and softee leather, nubuck and neoprene material.
  • Most styles are available in a choice of flat or round laces, or hook-and-loop fastening straps. 
  • Low opening styles are available.
  • Tred-lite footwear can be modified to create a complete diabetic specification by adding softee leather, moleskin lining with minimum seams, rim toe puff and padded collars.
  • Total-contact insoles can be manufactured simultaneously to distribute load and reduce peak pressures on vulnerable areas.
  • The entire range is practical and hard-wearing to ensure complete support for the user.

Trial fitting service
We are able to offer a trial fitting service on all of our modular footwear, as this allows for minor alterations before they are finished.

Tred-lite insoles
Custom made insoles are also available, for which we take foam impressions, casts or scans of the foot to ensure they are manufactured to the highest standard. Total-contact insoles are often used with our modular footwear range, as they distribute load and reduce pressure on vulnerable areas. Insoles are the interface between the footwear and the foot, therefore by using the correct one it ensures the best possible clinical outcome when prescribing orthoses.


Custom Insoles