Children's Orthotic Footwear

Steeper's Therapeutic Footwear range for children provides superior comfort, support, and stability during vital stages of development and growth.

Children's feet grow at a rate of two full sizes each year until four-years-old, and then a further one size every year thereafter - highlighting the importance of correctly fitting footwear and sufficient support during this significant growth period.

At Steeper Clinic we assist children who may require extra support, to provide them with improved stability and a more energy efficient gait to help achieve an improved walking pattern. This involves prescribing specialist orthotic footwear, which may include lightweight rubber soles and extended stiffeners either side of the foot to aid in stability. 

One of our most effective ranges is the Calzamedi therapeutic footwear, which includes removable anatomically shaped footbeds for maximum comfort. Their orthotic stability boots in particular are hugely effective in providing sufficient support for children with various conditions, such as flat feet, hypermobility, hind foot instability, KTS, sensitive feet, and those who require extra support when walking. 

Available in a lace or hook and loop option, and with a variety of colour styles to choose from, they provide a variety of specialist orthotic functions for the best clinical outcome.

​Features & Benefits
  • Extended stiffeners on both medial and lateral sides providing stability
  • Lightweight rubber soles help with a more energy efficient gait
  • Hook and loop fasteners and lace-up styles help children develop independent dressing skills
  • Low opening style makes it easy to take on and off
  • Extra padding around heel stiffeners improve comfort
  • Fully breathable lining reduces skin irritation
  • Adaptable sole provides enhanced function
  • Leather uppers are durable and breathable
  • Padded collars ensure a comfortable fit
Our other ranges include Piedro chidren's orthopaedic footwear, which are fully adapatable to promote good posture and keep feet in a supported position, and the DeNovo footwear range with specialist insoles and bespoke stiffeners to accomodate additional orthoses.

If you would like more information on children's orthopaedic footwear or to book an appointment with our paediatric team, please contact Steeper Clinic today.

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