19 May

Attachment Parenting and Combating Plagiocephaly

Attachment Parenting and Combating Plagiocephaly
The continued use of baby carriers, and for larger proportions of the day, means that babies tend to spend less time on their backs and instead adopting a tummy to tummy position. There are several benefits to this, most notably is that being in an upright position is removing the pressure of any flattened spots, the neck and back muscles are being developed which will enable baby to roll, crawl and walk as they grow and in some cases, the motion of being upright can also help with any digestive problems and may help to relieve the symptoms of Colic*.

In addition to helping to reduce plagiocephaly, one surprising benefit of this parenting style was described in a 2019 meta-analysis. It showed that children with parents who were in tune with and attentive to their emotional and physical needs were over two times more likely to develop better language skills than children who did not experience this style**.
Here at Steeper Clinic, we continue to promote the use of tummy time and tummy-tummy time as these are essential in helping your baby to grow. If you are concerned about your baby’s head shape or would like some further advice then please contact us on 0113 207 0432 or e-mail enquiries@steeperclinic.com.

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*Please contact your GP if you are concerned about your baby or if you would like further advice on the treatment of Colic. Valerie Sung, Infantile colic, 2018, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pmc/articles/PMC6091773/#r37
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