Custom Insoles

An insole is an orthotic device that fits inside a shoe and under the foot, to provide support, correction, and protect the feet.

They are often used alongside supportive footwear to address symptoms of the foot and ankle such as pain and discomfort when walking.
Different insoles provide different levels of support and correction, providing external forces to the foot intended to:
  • Improve foot posture by realigning the joints in your foot
  • To restrict poor joint motion and encourage optimal joint motion
  • Offload high pressure areas experienced in the foot

Our specialist orthotists at Steeper Clinic can provide a full assessment if you are concerned about your own or your child’s feet. The assessment will usually be conducted in three parts:

Patient history
A brief history will be taken on the patient’s condition and any concerns will be discussed.

Physical examination
The patient will be asked to walk the length of the room for assessment of any evident gait problems or malalignment of joints. The patient’s shoes may also be examined for signs of abnormal wear, so it is often advised to bring in a pair of older footwear to the appointment. Lastly joints and range of motions will be checked, and the patient may be asked to carry out a few exercises to determine muscle strength.

Measurement / casting
If the orthotist determines that orthotic insoles are required, they will take a scan, cast, or impression of the feet. An appointment will then be made for delivery and fit of the insoles.

Steeper Clinic has swift access to our purpose designed state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which provides high quality, full spectrum custom orthotic manufacturing. They use the latest CAD/CAM technology for creating custom-made insoles, as it offers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability.

Our bespoke manufactured insoles use the highest quality EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). This lightweight material offers shock absorption and retains its shape due to its hard wearing properties. 

Frequently clinicians use total contact insoles alongside modular footwear to distribute load and reduce pressure on vulnerable areas. As the interface between footwear and the foot, the right insole can ensure the best possible clinical outcome. Steeper’s ability to manufacture footwear and insoles together ensure that each device complements each other and function in conjunction.

Upon delivery of the custom insoles, the orthotist will ensure they are a perfect fit and provide the support and comfort necessary for successful rehabilitation. On some occasions, more than one fitting will be necessary if any further adjustments need to be made for individual requirements.

If you would like more information on Steeper custom insoles, or to enquire about an assessment at Steeper Clinic with one of our orthotists, please contact us today.