26 Nov

Yuven Chavda's Story

Yuven Chavda's Story Yuven Chavda's Story Yuven Chavda's Story
The story
Born in September 2017, Yuven was a perfectly healthy little boy. But at 6 weeks old his mum Bina noticed that he was only facing one side, and by 10 weeks Yuven had developed a flattening to one side of his head. As Yuven was so young, Bina was worried that something may be seriously wrong and began searching online for answers. Like most new mums she looked at the advice given by the NHS, learning that they recommended to leave Yuven’s head alone and it would re-shape itself over time. Frustrated, Bina was unsure what to do next as finding reliable, trustworthy advice was challenging, and she didn’t want to do anything that may make the situation worse. 

The solution
With Yuven’s head positioning not getting any better Bina spoke to her GP and Yuven was diagnosed with torticollis, quickly beginning a course of physiotherapy. Whilst attending the session Bina spoke to the therapist about Yuven’s flat head, and she suggested that she look into STARband treatment at Steeper Clinic. An expert at treating babies with plagiocephaly, specialist orthotist Kate (at Steeper Clinic) has a wealth of experience when it comes to cranial remoulding. Her expertise lies in the STARband treatment which is prescribed when the shape of the baby’s head is unresponsive to repositioning alone. The treatment requires babies to wear a helmet for a period of time which gently shapes the head into a more rounded and uniformed shape.
Attending Yuven’s first appointment at Steeper Clinic was scary for Bina. She was worried that the process would cause stress to Yuven, but her mind was put at ease straight away after Kate explained the process and what both her and Yuven could expect. Over the months the relationship between Kate and Bina grew, with Bina reflecting that “we are always able to contact Kate by phone or text whenever we had any small questions and always felt safe in the fact that we knew we could book an appointment with her if we felt we needed to see her about anything.”
The turning point
The first time that Yuven was fitted with the helmet Bina cried, as she felt that she had failed her son and believed that she should have been able to do something to stop his head from going flat. However after a little while and with the help of Kate, she soon began to realise that Yuven wasn’t fazed by the whole process and quickly adapted to life with his new helmet. With the rounded shape of the helmet, Bina also saw an improvement to Yuven’s torticollis as he was easily able to roll from side to side. Now that Yuven has graduated from his treatment the impact is immeasurable. He now has a lovely round head that will live with him for the rest of his life. 

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