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Frankie Evan's Story

Frankie Evan's Story Frankie Evan's Story Frankie Evan's Story Frankie Evan's Story
The story
When Frankie was just a few weeks old, her Mum, Rebecca noticed she had a bulge on the left-hand side of her tiny head. Concerned, she contacted her Health Visitor who assured her it was completely normal and that it would rectify itself as she became more mobile. As weeks and months passed, Frankie’s flat spot seemed to worsen despite every effort to reposition and turn her day and night. Rebecca frequently spoke to Health Visitors, GP’s and was referred to see a Paediatrician - all of whom seemed completely unphased by Frankie’s head shape and advised that the NHS wouldn’t offer treatment as plagiocephaly is considered a cosmetic condition. Wanting further advice, Rebecca contacted Kate at the Steeper Clinic immediately.

At her first appointment with Kate, a scan established that the diagonal difference measurement of Frankie’s head was almost in the very severe category at 18.8mm, confirming all Rebecca and her husband’s worries to be true.

The solution

When Frankie first visited the Steeper Clinic, she was already 16.5 months old and Kate explained to her parents that the rate of growth is much slower once a baby is over a year old. This meant that a helmet wouldn’t fully correct her head shape, but it could potentially improve it. “Ideally treatment should be started before a baby is 6 months old, as this is when significant results can be seen. Nevertheless, treatment can be given up until a baby is 18 months.” Kate Chauhan, Plagiocephaly Expert at Steeper Clinic.
The turning point
In August 2020, Frankie had a mid-point scan which showed some growth; her forehead was looking much better and there was some growth on the flat side of her head. When Frankie was 2 years old, she had a growth spurt and it was at this point that it became noticeable that her head had rounded making her appear and feel much more balanced. All in all, Frankie’s numbers didn’t come down drastically as Kate had advised, but there was definite change and at one level of the scan, her measurements reduced to just above the moderate category, a huge achievement considering how far up the scale she was at the start. 

Even though the diagonal difference numbers still place her in the severe category, the overall visual appearance is phenomenal, it’s made an incredible difference and whilst her head shape isn’t perfect, we don’t think anyone would notice an issue now. Deciding to go ahead with treatment was the best decision we made. Kate is superb, she is nothing short of brilliant at what she does and has provided us with peace of mind, support and a huge welcoming smile at every appointment, I couldn’t recommend her enough.” Rebecca Evans


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