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Jo-Anne Moody's Story

Jo-Anne Moody's Story

The story
At only twelve years old, Jo-Anne was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, a common condition caused by the straining of the ligament that supports the arch of the foot. Seeking treatment, Jo-Anne was referred to her local podiatrist, where she was prescribed insoles to help reduce the pain in her feet. After a few weeks, Jo-Anne felt little difference, in fact the pain seemed to be getting worse. Furthermore, the depth of the insoles meant that finding shoes to fit was very difficult. Concerned that things were not quite right and in search of a second opinion, Jo-Anne’s mum, Rachel, started to have a look for private clinics online and came across Steeper Clinic.

The solution
At her first appointment at Steeper Clinic Rachel’s concerns were confirmed, the insoles that had been originally prescribed for Jo-Anne did not fit her feet properly. They were too big and hard for her feet, so unsurprisingly lead to increased pain. 

In an effort to help Jo-Anne feel more comfortable, Steeper Clinic orthotist Kate took full casts of Jo-Anne’s feet and analysed the way she stood and walked. All of this helped to provide a better understanding of the most beneficial type of insole for Jo-Anne. After only a couple of weeks, Jo-Anne was fitted with her new insoles. Made with carbon fibre, the insoles were completely bespoke to Jo-Anne’s feet and were much thinner, stronger and softer than her original insoles. The specific design conforming to the natural movement of Jo-Anne’s foot would alleviate the pain, and ensure she was comfortable when walking and running around with her friends.

The turning point
Putting the insoles on for the first time, Jo-Anne felt the difference. The pain that she had experienced before had significantly reduced and it no longer felt like she was walking on shards of broken glass. Using carbon fibre technology meant that the insoles were very thin, and neatly fitted into Jo-Anne’s regular shoes discreetly. Growing up, this has made all the difference to Jo-Anne as she can choose the shoes she wants to wear, knowing that her insoles will provide the hidden support and comfort that she needs. Since Jo-Anne’s first appointment, the difference has been immeasurable – she is more confident, has less pain and is much happier about her insole treatment. For Rachel, finding a solution that works so well for her daughter has been a welcome relief, no longer having to see Jo-Anne suffer from ill-fitting insoles has provided them with the confidence to embark on their long-term treatment plan.

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