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Isaac Crowther's Story

Isaac Crowther's Story Isaac Crowther's Story Isaac Crowther's Story

The story
At only 9 months old, Isaac was diagnosed with a febrile illness that resulted in a flaccid paralysis of his left leg. Up until then, he had been a healthy, active little boy, however, the paralysis of his leg made walking impossible. 

Keen to help Isaac as best as they could his family began researching different treatment options and it was at this stage that Isaac began intense physiotherapy. Showing signs of progress, Isaac was then referred to the Leeds orthotic service to determine what orthotic intervention could be tried to help him walk.

The solution
Aged 2 and a half, Isaac was prescribed his first KAFO by his Steeper orthotist Mark. The KAFO was designed and manufactured to support Isaac’s leg whilst standing and enable him to take weight through his left side. 

Four years later and Isaac is on his fifth KAFO and is more confident than ever. Over the years, Steeper orthotist Mark has trialled Isaac with different KAFO designs and knee joints with careful consideration made to keeping the weight and bulk of the KAFO to a minimum whilst remaining robust 

enough to stand up to the demands put through them with Isaac’s active lifestyle. Giving Isaac the independence to easily unlock the knee joints for sitting and getting the KAFO on and off have also been factored into the design. 
“Working collaboratively with the family and the physiotherapist has been key to getting a successful mobility outcome, along with Isaac’s own commitment and determination to not let his leg hold him back.” Mark, Isaac’s

The turning point
With his KAFO Isaac has a new found confidence and is able to walk, run, jump and perfect his football skills. Recently joining Middlesborough’s disability football team, Isaac now plays every week. Not only does being part of the club provide him with the opportunity to play football it also enables him to visit other football clubs as part of the FA’s training scheme. After a recent visit to Chelsea football club, Isaac is more determined than ever to become a professional footballer and his friends and family have high hopes for this little star!


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