STARband Helmets

Over 300,000 babies worldwide have been successfully treated with STARband™

If you have tried tummy time or repositioning and the flattened areas do not show signs of improvement, we offer the world leading STARband™ helmet/cranial remoulding orthosis treatment to gently guide growth and shape your baby’s head.

Throughout the treatment, our paediatric orthotists will make sure both you and your child feel supported and at ease, from the initial consultation, right through to treatment and aftercare.

The softly lined STARband helmet gently reshapes your baby’s head by encouraging growth in the areas that are flat.

Each STARband helmet is created from a scan of your baby’s head using the latest SmartSoc™ scanning technology system.

Using SmartSoc means there is no need to take a cast of the head, as the detailed 3D scans can be used straight away to start producing the custom helmet. We can arrange for a fitting of the STARband within two weeks of the scan.

The STARband is made to exactly fit your baby's head, directing the growth toward the flattened areas gently correcting the shape.

Our advanced software allows us to accurately monitor the changes to your baby’s head throughout the entire treatment programme. The ideal period to begin treatment is between the ages of three to six months, and will not exceed 18 months of age as this is when a child’s head growth slows significantly.

The helmets are also available in a variety of colours and patterns. Click the link below to view the entire range:



If you are concerned about your child's head shape, contact us today for advice on what to do next and to organise a free assessment.

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Note: A visit to our clinic will not automatically result in a decision to have your baby fitted for a STARband™ helmet – we offer treatment in cases where repositioning has failed and assess on a case by case basis. Our orthotists often determine that no intervention is needed, and in some cases babies may require a re-scan just to review any changes to their head shape.