Orthotic FAQ's

To ensure you are comfortable and safe when wearing orthopaedic footwear, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. The answers below provide guidance on what you can expect from your orthoses and how to wear them. However, as every patient's needs are unique please ensure you follow the advice and instructions provided to you by your orthotist.

Patient-Centred Care

To ensure every patient receives maximum benefit from their footwear, we believe they should be at the centre of our service and involved every step of the way.
Prescription Process

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my orthopaedic shoes?
Depending on the complexity of the prescription, the shoes may need to be checked at an intermediate stage. Your orthotist will keep you informed during the process.

When do I wear my shoes?
Once you are used to your footwear, they should be used as much as possible.

How long should I wear them for to get used to them?
We recommend you break your shoes in slowly by gradually increasing the time you use them for every day. Start with one hour a day, increasing by half an hour or an hour daily. If your feet are at risk of developing pressure, your orthotist may advise you break them in slower.

Always check your feet for signs of pressure, blisters, cuts or anything unusual. You may get some red marks but these should disappear after 15-20 minutes. Inspect your shoes regularly for any signs of unusual wear, damage or foreign objects.

How many shoes can I have?
If the footwear is found to be beneficial, patients can order as many pairs of shoes that they require. These can be made to a different style and colour providing they fulfil the treatment needs.

Why do my shoes look so bulky?
We do try to improve the design and style of our orthopaedic footwear regularly, but you have to remember that the shoes have been designed to fulfil your clinical needs.
Where can I get my shoes repaired?
To organise orthopaedic footwear repairs, please make an appointment with Steeper Clinic. Please make sure that your shoes are clean and clearly labelled as otherwise they may not be accepted.