Dynamic Sensory Orthosis Garments

Sensory Dynamic Orthosis Garments help by increasing sensory and proprioceptive feedback while improving musculoskeletal stability and alignment in patients with delayed motor learning and neural integration.

As a prefferd supplier, Steeper Clinic prescribe a wide range of Jobskin Sensory Dynamic Orthosis Garments that are clinically proven to improve:
  • Function
  • Coordination
  • Normalisation of tone
  • Posture 
  • Positioning
The design and production of sensory dynamic orthosis (SDO®) clothing is a specialty of Jobskin®. They offer bespoke upper extermity, lower extermity, hands and arms and sleepsuit garments made-to-measure with premium Lycra®. These class 1 medical devices continuously and consistently apply therapeutic pressure. 

These garments reduce discomfort and increase independance. The biomechanical component promotes functional performance by minimising tremors, enhancing fine motor skills, movement fluency, and neural integration, as well as by improving musculo-skeletal stability and alignment.

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